Kill A Narcissist 2-Book Series

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JH Simon
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Contains 2 books: 'How To Kill A Narcissist' and 'How To Bury A Narcissist.'

Explore the 7 practices and 8 stages for recovery, healing and transformation, and move on from narcissistic abuse for good.

Book 1:

- Understand the dynamics of narcissistic abuse in relationships.
- See how the narcissist uses shame to fool you into feeling inferior.
- Learn how the narcissist applies mind control tactics to break down your identity.
- Prepare yourself for the obstacles you will face on your recovery journey.
- Explore the 7 practices for recovery and healing.

Book 2:

- Discover the shadowy roots of narcissism.
- Expose the many hidden faces of the narcissist, including the borderline, the histrionic, the psychopath, and other cluster A, B and C personalities.
- Study the narcissist's playbook, including triangulation, gaslighting and reactive abuse.
- Explore in detail the roles and dynamics of the narcissistic family and see how this blueprint corrupts friendships, workplaces and spiritual movements.
- Identify your place in this landscape, and above all, discover what made you vulnerable to abuse in the first place.
- Undertake a hero's journey toward freeing and developing your authentic Self by exploring the 8 stages for 'Self' development.
- Move on from narcissistic abuse for good and become who you were born to be; living a life of meaning, power and purpose.

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$16.99 $9.99

Kill A Narcissist 2-Book Series

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